UL FM Vertical type post indicator
Model No.:ZSQ

  • Unload the upper cover of control lead
  • Measure control lead depth, remove the excess part of connector lead and driving rod
  • Fit the control rod with full closed valve, turn the position plate to SHUT position
  • Load upper cover

Vertical Type Indicator Post

Technical Specifications

A post indicator valve’s function is to control the water supply coming from fire protection systems. These systems can be anything from a sprinkler, a fire hydrant, to a standpipe system that is installed in residential buildings or businesses. This valve is used to control the water flow coming from these kinds of systems in order to prevent or stop the spread of fire. Its main function is to control the water while it flows from the public water system into a specific building’s own water system.

The post indicator valve is used when the main valve cannot be seen because it is either located underground or on the other side of the wall. It has a butterfly valve on top and a visual indicator – these two components are placed on a prominent position so they can be easily seen.

Types of post indicator valves

There are two types of post indicator valves – the ground post indicator and the wall post indicator. Both types have the same function, but are used differently depending on the water installation.
The most common post indicator valve is the ground post indicator – also known as the vertical post indicator. As its name implies, the vertical post indicator features an upright post that sticks out of a ground, about 3 – 4 feet. It has an L-shaped locking handle or wrench on its side to secure its position, with its bottommost part buried in the ground, and its visual indicator plate placed near the top. The indicator plate gives an outright status of the valve, and can either be “Open” or “Shut.

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With these qualities, you can never go wrong with choosing our UL FM post indicator. It is important to have a fire protection system in place – you’ll never know when a fire can occur. If the system currently in place is defective, a fire that is undetected right away could easily spread into uncontrollable proportions, resulting into massive losses of lives and property. We don’t want to endanger lives, which is why all vertical post indicator valves should always be in perfect condition and will pass any regulation or inspection. With this in mind, one should never compromise but rather choose the very best, and our UL FM post indicator is the best there is.