UL FM Wall type post indicator
Model No.:QSCZG

  • Unload the upper cover of control lead
  • Measure control lead depth, remove the excess part of connector lead and driving rod
  • Fit the control rod with full closed valve, turn the position plate to SHUT position
  • Load upper cover

Wall Type Indicator Post

Technical Specifications

A post indicator valve is the valve installed in a building’s main water line and controls its fire sprinkler system. The valve gives the fire department control of the water flow in case of a fire. It is usually used in the following situations:

  • To shut off a sprinkler system from outside the building
  • To control the water flow within a private yard
  • To control the water supply when several buildings share a single water source

This device allows the firefighters to open or close the valve from a safe distance from where the actual fire is. This is a safety precaution because most of the time, a building on fire is not safe to enter just to close a sprinkler riser system.
To ensure that the valve is easily seen in case of an emergency, both the controls and the status indicator of the valve are located prominently, either above the ground, or on a wall surface, depending on the kind of post indicator valve that was used.

Types of post indicator valves

There are two kinds of post indicator valves that are commonly used – the one that you see outside in a yard near the building, which is the vertical post indicator valve, and the red wheel you see on a wall, which is the wall post indicator valve. The post indicator valve is usually used as an ingress or an entry point of a fire system, with the actual gate valve located underground. This is where a vertical post indicator is used. On the other hand, if the gate valve is located within a wall cavity, a wall post indicator valve is used.

This is where a vertical post indicator is used. On the other hand, if the gate valve is located within a wall cavity, a wall post indicator valve is used.
There are cases when it is virtually next to impossible to install a freestanding post indicator valve due to practical reasons. In which case, a wall post indicator is the best option. Functionally speaking, both the wall post indicator valve and the vertical post indicator valve are the same; but instead of being half-buried on the ground, a wall post indicator valve is mounted through a wall to connect to the valve body located within the wall cavity of the building.
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