Vane type Waterflow Switch

Model: ZSJZ-YM-450

Technical Information

  • 1. Overview The vane type water flow switch use in wet pipe systems only. Water flow in the pipe deflects a vane, which produces a switched output usually after a specified delay
  • 2. Main Components ZSJZ serles water flow Indicator is mainly composed of the saddle, blade rack, bottom plate, outer cover, Air delay device, micro-switch, junction box, etc.
  • - The main outline drawing is shown in Figure 1 Outline Drawing.
  • - Main dimensions of water flow indicator are shoun in Table 1.
  • - Materials of the main components are shown in Table 2.
  • Size: DN50-DN200 / 2"- 8"
  • Working Pressure: 450PS
  • Sensitivity:
    1. No-alarm flow < 15L/min
    2. Alarm flow; 15L/min, < 75L/min
    1. No-alarm flow $15L/min
    2. Alarm flow; 15L/min; < 37.5L/min
  • Capacity of Switch Contacts: AC 125/250V 8A DC 24V 3A DC 30V 2.5A
  • Working Temperature: 0-49°C
  • Steel Pipe: SCH10-40
  • 0-90 Seconds Field Replaceable Retard