UL FM Wafer butterfly Valves - 300 PSI

Model No.:WD-371X

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves are used to regulate liquid flow. It comes with a rotating disk that can turn parallel or perpendicular to the flow of the liquid, and it can be turned from anywhere between those two positions so that the water flow can be regulated. The UL FM approved butterfly valves are usually placed in between two flanges of different pipes. This can be done because the wafer butterfly valves are usually designed in a planar manner, with only its internal disk creating the 3D aspect of the UL/FM butterfly valvesWafer butterfly valves are very common, which mean that they are basically the standard purchase, and usually what is referred to when simply asking for butterfly valves.


In all types of butterfly valves, the disk has an embedded stem so that it can be rotated, typically with a wheel. The disk can then be turned with regards to this central stem, making it face along or against the flow of liquid. Because of this, the stem is always available in the middle of the opening, no matter what angle the disk itself is in. The pressure in the liquid then receives a drop whenever it passes through the UL FM butterfly valves, which gives it a secondary purpose in liquid regulation.

Installation procedures

The different types of butterfly valves typically have one major difference: the way they are installed. A wafer butterfly valve uses a set of nuts and bolts to connect the valve to two flanges. This system uses the same nuts and bolts to connect both flanges to the UL/FM butterfly valves. Although this is the most common type of installation, the wafer butterfly valve poses one disadvantage, because it makes maintenance a bit extensive. Instead of simply disconnecting one side of the pipes and using the valve to close the other side while maintenance is done, the installation will require that the whole liquid flow be stopped at an earlier valve for one side of the pipes to be checked.


The UL FM approved butterfly valves have a working temperature of -20 to +110 degrees Celsius (with an equivalent of -4 to +230 in Fahrenheit). They follow a face to face standard of ASME B16.1, and have a nominal pressure of 300 PSI, equivalent to 21 bar. The top coupling flange of all the butterfly valves is of ISO 5211. The whole butterfly valve is made according to certified and standardized designs. It is design according to the API 609 standard, while it is tested according to the API 598 standard.

The UL FM-approved butterfly valves also come in different sizes to make sure that every user gets the perfect fit with existing piping systems. This is to make sure that safety is of the highest priority. Along with having different sizes, the UL/FM butterfly valves are checked and certified to uphold this priority on safety. This is to ensure that wherever the wafer butterfly valves are used, there will be no safety issues whatsoever.