Buy directly from our manufacturing plant a wide range of UL listed and FM approved valves for fire fighting system

Gate Valve OS&Y Model No.: Z41-300

Gate Valve NRS Model No.: Z45-300

ZSQ UL FM Vertical type post indicator

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Swing Check Valves Model No.: MH-XQH-300

Butterfly Valve Model No.: WD-371X

Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant Model No.: MH-1510


All Ningjin APC Industries Incorporated Company products have been certified safe. We take pride in having been approved by numerous international organizations, and our products can be used with assuredness anywhere. Ningjin APC Industries Incorporated Company is certified by the most important authorities in the world. Ningjin APC Industries Incorporated Company is certified not only with UL, ULC Listed and FM Approved, but also TUVDNVBureau Veritas, ISO 9001 and many thers.


With our primary focus on fire equipmentfire safety is the top concern of our company. We produce variety of UL listed and FM approved fire equipment that ensure your safety under the most hazardous circumstances.

Our wide range of UL FM approved valves includes the following equipment ready to be supplied to you right away as you place your order:

  • UL FM Gate valve OS&Y and NRS
  • UL FM Check valve
  • UL FM Butterfly valve
  • UL FM Fire hydrants
  • UL FM Indicator post

Our UL FM approved valves multi-purpose bi-directional shutoff gate valves are the best choice for your commercial as well as industrial applications. Our equipment is always enhanced by the best of the quality assurance to make it up to the mark for your satisfaction. Without losing the style and aesthetics, we optimize our equipment for the best performance when you need it the most.

Our UL listed check valves would match your specifications as well as industrial standards preventing the reverse flow of the fluids you intend to utilize them for. This makes them the best and versatile FM approved equipment.

Similarly, the butterfly valves we manufacture compete on the top of the UL lists and FM approved equipment with the rest of our high quality products ensuring the safety of the rest of your equipment as well by allowing for bi-directional dead end service that they are expected to provide.

Being the top supplier of UL FM approved valves, equipment and valves, our fire hydrants are also UL listed to carter for your 21st century fire hazard needs. With FM approval of the equipment, you are never short of fire hydrant valve supply by placing your order with us.

This is not it, our UL listed and FM approved indicator posts are the best fit for you with the technical specifications engineered to match with your requirements. The indicator posts are built to exceed your expectations in dependability during hazards.

Both in terms of working pressure as well as performance, our UL listed and FM approved groove end and flagged end gate valves are engineered to perform to the safe tolerance limits you would expect from fire safety equipment. While they are built for you to use for any application, the design and engineering for the fire safety ensures they pass all your criteria for placing the order. Inspite of our supply of a variety of valves, all our technical specifications match the quality and standards and the products are UL listed and FM approved to never compromise on safety.

If you are looking for UL listed or FM approved equipment, don’t wait or delay your own and your staff’s safety needs! Order away and our personnel will get back to you with answers to any kind of queries you need to clarify or give you a quote because we prioritize your safety first without ever compromising on meeting your supply needs both in terms of quantity and quality.