UL FM Grooved butterfly Valves - 300 PSI

Model No.:GD-381X

Grooved Type Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves, although with quite different designs and types, all have one main function: for the regulation of liquid flow. It has a design wherein its important parts are a disk and an actuator that is connected to it. This actuator can be used to rotate the disk from within the housing. The disk can then regulate the amount of water that can pass through its opening, and has an added advantage of allowing increment amount of volume to pass. Grooved butterfly valves are placed in between two sets of pipes to regulate the liquid flow from one set to the next. The grooved end butterfly valve can be used with the disk parallel to, perpendicular to, or at any specific angle with regards to the flow of the liquid.


One additional advantage of the butterfly valve is that it can also assist in making sure that the pressure of the liquid passing through is not too high. Since the rotation of the disk occurs around a stem that is connected to the actuator, the stem will always be there, no matter what the angle of the disk is. Even if the grooved end butterfly valve is set at maximum passage, the liquid still has the stem as a barrier. This creates a pressure drop as the liquid tries to pass by, effectively decreasing the pressure within the piping system.

Since the grooved butterfly valves are used for liquid regulation, it must be ensured that they are appropriate and safe. This is why the grooved end butterfly valve is tested and approved by UL FM, to make sure that its usage will not bring about any accidents or subpar safety standards.

Grooved installation

Unlike some other types of butterfly valves, the grooved butterfly valve is simply connected through a series of grooves. These are generally similar to the grooves found on the tops of bottles. If a valve is needed to regulate the liquid flow in between two pipes that both have grooved ends, then grooved butterfly valves may be the perfect fit. Since the grooved end butterfly valve comes in different sizes, it is only necessary that the right size be chosen for every piping system. The installation of the grooved end butterfly valve only entails that the valve be screwed on to both pipes.


The grooved end butterfly valve has been UL FM approved, which means that it is certified to have the epitome of safety. To reach this certification, the grooved butterfly valves were designed and engineered to follow certain standards. The design standard being utilized by the valves is API 609, while its test standard is API 598. It has a top coupling flange of ISO 5211, and can withstand pressure with a nominal pressure of 300 PSI, equivalent to 21 bar. It can work optimally within the range of -4 to +230 degrees Fahrenheit (equal to -20 to +110 degrees Celsius). The grooved ends also have a standard, which is ASME B16.1.